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Granite and Quartzide


Granite is one of the hardest materials, harder than steel, and therefore, steel knives cannot scratch the granite surface. Granite, due to its hardness, resists wear and tear very well and retains its polished quality for a long time. Granite has very low water absorption resulting in high stain resistance than can be further improved by treating granite with impregnating stone sealers.

Benefits of Custom Granite Counter Tops

  • Extremely Durable: Second in hardness only to diamonds, granite is an extremely durable surface. With normal use, you cannot break or chip granite.
  • Heat Resistant: Unlike synthetic counter tops, granite can withstand a hot dish right from the oven.
  • Stain Resistant: By its nature, granite is extremely dense and excellent at repelling stains.
  • Scratch and Fade Resistant: The finish on granite is polished with diamonds. With normal, everyday use, your granite counter top will last for years.
  • Variety: Natural granite is available in hundreds of colors and patterns.

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